EEOC Complaint Alleges Harassment Against Female Workers

EEOC Complaint Alleges Harassment Against Female Workers

According to the EEOC’s complaint, the female employees at the packaging facility generally worked together in groups or stood next to one another along a conveyor belt.

One of the women, who was hired in December 2011, accused her supervisor, Omar Moreno, of frequently grabbing her butt and other body parts during the work day in front of the other employees. She complained about his touching and advances and told him to stop, the complaint said.

“Omar Moreno repeatedly demanded that Aguilar have sex with him and stated that he would fire her if she did not do so,” according to the complaint.

Moreno would order the woman out of the work line and take her to the cooler or trailer, where she had sex with him “on three occasions because she feared losing her job if she did not do so,” the complaint said. He told her “not to tell anyone about having sex with him.”

On one occasion, Moreno instructed the woman to go to the trailer to have sex with his brother, Oscar. She refused to enter the trailer or to have sex with him.

“Omar Moreno became enraged and told [her] that he would terminate her employment,” the complaint said. She was eventually fired in March 2012.

The other four female packers who sued Moreno Farms made similar claims in the EEOC’s lawsuit.

The agency’s regional attorney, Robert Weisberg, said the Miami federal jury’s verdict sent a “clear message to the agricultural industry that the law will not tolerate subjecting female farm workers to sexual harassment and that there are severe consequences when a sex-based hostile work environment is permitted to exist.”

EEOC General Counsel David Lopez said the agency was “committed to ensuring that all immigrant and vulnerable populations are protected by the anti-discrimination laws.”

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