Tampa Whistleblower Files Suit Against Church’s Chicken

employee terminationTampa Whistleblower Files Suit Against Church’s Chicken

A Tampa Church’s Chicken location is being sued for allegedly ordering an employee to serve old chicken. But it’s not the first time that restaurant has come under fire for some pretty icky reasons.

ABC Action News reported in April the location was temporarily shut down after the state found more than 35 live roaches.

Prior to that the restaurant was reportedly shut down in late 2014 amid concerns about raw sewage.

Now a worker is suing the chain for wrongful termination after she was allegedly fired for refusing to cook spoiled chicken.

According to the lawsuit, Latasha Kendrick was a shift leader at the Tampa Church’s Chicken. She claims a supervisor asked her to “wash and cook chicken that had been spoiled.”

After refusing, Kendrick said Joshua Flubacher, a regional executive for the restaurant chain, fired her. The official reason for Kendrick’s termination was tardiness, but Kendrick argues that’s not actually the case.

Kendrick is filing the wrongful termination lawsuit as a whistleblower.

Kendrick previously sued the restaurant chain in 2014 for wrongful termination. In that case she argued the company denied her time off under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act when she requested it for a “serious health condition.

Kendrick took three days off for that same ailment and was subsequently fired. Her case moved its way on up to federal court and was eventually settled. The terms of that settlement aren’t clear, but given that she returned to work it’s like she received a favorable deal.

Kendrick’s latest lawsuit was filed in Hillsborough county court on June 2.

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