In addition to public service through volunteering and fundraising for local and national charitable organizations, our lawyers also provide pro bono legal services to several non-profit organizations. We believe our lawyers have a professional responsibility to provide legal services to those in need, and that pro bono service is an opportunity for the professional development and growth of all lawyers.

In addition to Firm-wide pro bono and public service projects, the Linesch Firm conducts a pro bono or low bono work in immigration cases; especially in asylum and refugee cases.

Non-Profit Pro Bono

The Linesch Firm provides pro bono representation to several non-profit organizations within the Tampa Bay area including the Pinellas County Urban League and the Clearwater and  St. Petersburg Housing Authorities.

Immigration Pro Bono

The Linesch Firm is dedicated to providing low bono or pro bono services on a case-by -case basis. The Linesch Firm’s Pro Bono section focuses on ending family based detention centers by providing pro bono legal aid to  help to mothers and children held in detention centers seeking asylum. Daniela Carrion has worked with various Non-Profit Organizations to be able to continue her work with asylees and refugees.

Volunteering and Community Engagement

The Linesch Firm is an avid believer in community engagement. Our attorneys and staff donate their time, energy, and resources to improve the quality of life in the local communities where we live and work by volunteering, and fundraising for local  charitable organizations.

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DACA – Know Your Rights (As They Are Right Now)

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